17-01-2022 - NEW PRODUCT

We are proud to finally announce our new product: HistoCold.

HistoCold is a storage system for the safe transport of histological samples, in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 605/2014.

HistoCold solution is non-toxic and ready to use. The sample is immersed and preserved until it reaches the pathology lab, where it can be fixed in formalin and processed according to standard protocols.

HistoCold solution combines the action of its patented formulation with the action of cold, so as to inhibit microbial activity andpreserve pH and physiological osmolarity in order to avoid shock to the tissues and slow the action of proteolytic enzymes.

HistoCold solution is cooled at the time of use by means of a dedicated dispenser equipped with a pedal for easier delivery of the solution.


• Tissue-compatible: physiological pH and osmotic pressure
• Non-toxic
• Ready to use
• Stable
• Storage at room temperature
• Preserves tissues for up to 72 hours at 4° C
• No compression of the histological sample



Discover all its features during our webinar on Monday 21st of February 2022!