Bio-Optica range of consumables for Large Samples

25-01-2022 - Bio-Optica Products

Bio-Optica offers a wide range of consumables for big samples.

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Super Mega Cassettes and Molds


Cassettes for large samples with separate lid, designed with larger mesh to increase the contact surface of the paraffin and prevent the sample from detaching during microtome cutting.

Code 07-7000

Stainless steel molds for embedding histological samples in paraffin.

Code 07-7010

Slides and Coverslips

Cleaned, degreased, high-quality, original Bio-Optica microscope slides; cellophane wrapped and free from dust, dirt and cracks.
Dimensions (52) mm x (76) mm

Code 09-7000

Cleaned, degreased, high-quality coverglasses; free from dust, dirt and cracks.

Code 09-5065

Slide adapter for large samples

For use in conjunction with racks for automatic and manual stainers for staining slides
with large samples together with standard slides.

Code 20-E103/SL/R30A

Modular filing cabinet

The special 7-drawer version for large slides or super mega cassettes can be part of a modular system for filing slides and paraffin embedded preparations.

Code 03-7000

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