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09-06-2021 - Bio-Optica Instruments

Bio-Optica takes care of the versatility and reliability needed in an anatomic pathology lab. For this reason the R&D department is always working hard in finding new solutions in order to improve the performaces of our instruments.

We are glad to introduce the version Plus of our Automatic Stainer and Coverslipper, which provide to the user a new interface that makes the instruments easy to be used, very intuitive, and, mostly important, more reliable than ever.

Automatic Stainer AUS240 Plus

Discover all the features of the Automatic Stainer AUS240 Plus (code: 40-400-350), characterized by the use of the most recent technologies, is able to guarantee ease of use, brilliant staining and reproducible results.

New user friendly interface

The software Plus offers a very user friendly interface, clear and simple. The tanks are represented with the reagent contained; the tanks from 34 to 38 represent the in and out position and there is the representation of the position of the arm (the red line close to tank 38).

AUS240 in action

When the instrument is working it is very easy to check from the display the status of every tank and basket. It is clearly represented where a basket is positioned with some important information:

The number in the blue square on the top of a basket means the number of baskets processed by the stainer.

The number in the green square on the bottom of a basket means the remaining time a basket will be immersed in a tank of reagent.

Exahusted tanks

The new software of the AUS240 Plus offers visual helps to the user in order to keep the instrument in continuous work. When the warning signal appears on a reagent tank, it means that the reagent will be exhaust at the next basket immersion. When a tank appear in red on the display it means that the reagent inside is exhausted and need to be replaced.

RMS - Reagent Management System

An exclusive feature of the instrument is the Reagent Management System wich allows to set through the software, the maximum number of baskets that can pass in a particular reagent tank before its substitution.

This function, that can be used or not by the operator, is a quality warrancy since it leaves to the user the chance to decide for how long to use a reagent (staining solution, water, solvent etc..).

When a reagent is exhaust, it is possible to substitute it while the AUS240 Plus is working; in this way the user doesn't need to stop the instrument and waste time.

Priority Protocol

The Automatic Stainer AUS240 Plus offers the possibility to set a Priority Protocol. This staining protocol will have the priority over the other protocols.

On the display it will be represented by a symbol with an exlamation mark on the basket which is staining with a priority over the other protocols.

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