Bio-Optica Tissue Marking Dyes

07-05-2021 - Bio-Optica Products

Discover Bio-Optica Tissue Marking Dyes, special inks used to mark surgical margins.

They have to be used when the pathologist needs to identify and distinguish one or more surgical margin at the microscope.


  • Atoxic, made of polymers of natural origins;
  • They dry in 2-3 minutes Ready to use: they don’t need fixing steps in other solutions;
  • They don’t spread in the tissue;
  • They can be applied on fresh or fixed specimens;
  • They don’t lose their colour in solvents during fixation and tissue processing.


Check out some results obtained with Bio-Optica Tissue Marking Dyes. As you can see the linear and compact film of the marker is evident:


Bio-Marking Blue - Liver (40X)


Bio-Marking Black - Lung (40X)


Bio-Marking Green - Heart (40X)


Bio-Marking Green - Liver (40X)

Discover the full range

Bio-Optica Tissue Marking Dyes are available in seven different colors:

  • Black;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Yellow;
  • Orange;
  • Red;
  • Purple.

and in several sizes:

  • 30ml bottles with dropper (7 colours) - Code 05-000-030;
  • 30ml bottle with dropper;
  • 30ml bottles with dropper (8 pcs of one colour);
  • 240ml bottles.

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