Trimming Tech Histology Hood - Innovation, Quality and Safety for Users

26-02-2021 - Bio-Optica Instruments

Trimming Tech hoods are designed to the highest quality standards so as to meet all operator requirements in relation to the prevention of chemical risk during grossing of histological samples.

Made of stainless steel, they are equipped with a multiple extractor system that extracts fumes from the work surface, from the front and from above.

The control panel with soft-touch keypad provides an intuitive interface for setting the desired operating parameters.

Trimming Tech hoods are available in four different sizes (90, 130, 150, 180 cm) and it is possible to choose the disposition of the sinks. 

Construction Features

  • Stainless steel structure;
  • Power-operated vertically sliding front safety glass sash for fume containment;
  • Filter basket and lid for the formalin container;
  • Shelfs placed in the frontal side over the working plane and in the central side;
  • White polyethylene plate for pieces reduction;
  • Formalin dispensing system including: 10 litres load can with filter and pump, supplying tap with pedal control, 10 litres formalin discharge can with level sensor and visual and acoustic alarm;
  • Canholder trolley provided with handbrakes and front door. The trolley is provided with system of fumes aspiration;
  • Throttle tap of interception formalin discharge to avoid possible accidental leaks during the replacement of the formalin can.

Work Surface Features

  • Non-drip lip Sink with pedal-operated mixer tap and pull-out shower head for washing the work surface;
  • Sinks with perforated removable surface of support in stainless steel. The sinks assigned to the cut are provided with system of aspiration of fumes;
  • Hot/cold water sink provided with pedal control distributor and stainless steel smaller sink for formalin discharge. Both of them are placeable on request on the right or on the left;
  • Formalin disposal tank;
  • Waste fluid collection tanks with extractor and independent washing system.


Aspiration/Filtration System

  • N. 2 anti-spark three-phase electrofans adjustable through inverter (preinstalled);
  • N. 1 synthetic fibres prefilter (preinstalled) to retain possible impurities and improve the filter’s efficiency;
  • N. 1 alumina filter for formalin (preinstalled), whose replacement happens from the frontal side simply and cleanly. Instead of alumina filter, it is possible to ask for activated charcoal filter;
  • Arrangement for HEPA filter housing;
  • The hood is provided with collector on its upper side in order to allow the connection to the hospital’s centralized canalization system for fumes discharge outside;
  • The electrofan allows fumes aspiration from the perforated working surface (over the collecting basin), the frontal grid (under the shelf) and the grid placed on the upper part.


  • Garbage disposal unit with pedal control;
  • Millimeter ruler;
  • Stainless steel filter for formalin sink;
  • Magnetic knife-holder;
  • UV lamp with protective roller blind;
  • HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air);
  • Stainless steel filter for water sink.


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