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05-02-2021 - Bio-Optica Products

Bio-Optica offers a wide range of products for cytology.

Discover all staining solutions, staining kits, fixatives and consumables in our catalogue.

Papanicolaou staining solutions

Fast staining, bright colors and excellent cellular details. The solutions are methanol-free.

Fast Pap

Papanicolaou staining in less than 3 minutes; for all types of cytological samples.
Code 05-12055

Isaach Wurch

Also known as “Fast Papanicolaou”. The method involves only two stains, one nuclear and one cytoplasmic.

May Grünwald Giemsa solutions

Ready-to-use solutions for the differentiation of cellular elements in blood smears, spleen tissue samples, lymph node tissue and bone marrow biopsies.

May Grünwald Giemsa kit

For differential staining of cellular elements in blood smears, and spleen, lymph node and bone marrow tissue samples.
Code 04-080802

MGG Quick Stain

Rapid method for differential staining of formed blood elements and other air-dried cellular smears.
Code 04-090805


  • Cy-Fix
    Fixative for cytology in liquid phase.
    The fixative, solubilizing the uncoagulated proteins and the mucus, prepares the sample for subsequent procedures of centrifugation and filtration.
  • Cy-FixM
    Cytological liquid fixative studied to be used on samples with abundant mucus (saliva, sputum).
  • Bio-fix
    Spray fixative for vaginal cytology.
  • Saccomanno’s Fixative
    Ready-to-use fixative for fluid cytologic specimens, particularly for mucous excretions.
  • SaveCyt-U
    Preservative cytological fixative for the storage and the transport of urine samples.


Aqueous gel for embedding cytological samples, encapsulates and retains cells during processing. Useful for processing centrifuged cells and fragile biopsies.

Code 05-9803S
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Dual Cyto Cuvettes

Cuvettes with absorbent filter for cytocentrifuge to examine at the same time two samples. They advise to obtain directly on the slide a cellular enrichment from different human and animal biological liquid, like urine, liquor, bronchial washings, etc.

Dual Cyto Cuvettes drastically reduce preparations number thanks to double cells area on the same slide. The escape channels (Ø 5.0 mm) allow obtaining great area to disposition of the cells deposited on the slide. In this way, the overlapping cells are reduced. Two cells area on only one slide in the same horizontal axis avoid continued movements of the microscope translator table.

Dual Cyto Cuvettes allow analysis of biological liquid in little volumes thanks to two different capacity chambers. In this way, it’s possible to reduce cellular loss for adherence to the chamber’s walls. With immunocytochemistry technique, two different antibodies could be used on the same slide.

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