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04-12-2020 - Bio-Optica Products

Bio-Optica offers a wide range of consumables and reagents for the laboratories and also instruments like the Automatic Stainer, the Automatic Coverslipper and the Embedding Station. Thanks to continuous investments in the R&D and the Instruments Division, we are able to offer reliable small instruments, 100% made in Italy, synonymous of quality.

Water Baths

Water Bath WB1770

The WB1770 water bath is equipped with a removable Pyrex basin which is easy to fill with water; this make this instrument safer and more practical to use. The temperature is controlled by a probe in direct contact with the water, which ensures absolute precision; it could be adjusted from 20°C to 70°C. It is equipped with a heated upper work surface capable of accommodating up to 24 slides. The temperature of the slide plate could be adjusted from 20°C to 50°C.

For more information: code 40-300-000


Round Water Bath WB100

The WB100 round water bath is small, simple and reliable. It is equipped with an analog thermostat, heating indicator light and wide heated surface for 24 slides. The bath temperature is adjustable from 30°C to 80°C.

For more information: code 40-300-002


Hot Plates

Hot Plate PC800

The PC800 hot plate can dry 30 slides simultaneously. It is equipped with an anodized aluminum work surface and digital electronic thermostat. The temperature is adjustable from 20°C up to 90°C.

For more information: code 40-300-301


Histology Ovens

SVF100 Forced Ventilation Histology Oven

The SVF100 histology oven is designed for quick drying of slides and quick heating of laboratory material. The temperature could be set from 20°C to 70°C. The digital display enables you to change the operating parameters and program switch-on and switch-off. The chamber is equipped with two height-adjustable, perforated shelves and a collecting tray, all of them are removable.

For more information: code 40-300-101


SVN1790 Histology Oven

The SVFN1790 natural ventilation histology oven is designed to dry slides and heat laboratory material quickly. The temperature could be adjusted from 20°C to 100°C with electronic digital thermostat. Complete with two removable perforated shelves and a base tray.

For more information: code 40-300-100



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