Klessidra - It Eliminates Exposure to Formalin!

13-11-2020 - Bio-Optica Products

Discover all the Klessidra series, the patented, closed-circuit safety device, which prevents contact between formaldehyde and the user, in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 605/2014. It is intended for the fixation and transport of small histological samples.

The device

The device consists of two containers in neutral PP:

  • one empty, for receiving the specimen;
  • the second one prefilled with ready to use formalin.


The two containers are connected by a special double screw lid in blue PE. The formalin flow between the two containers is made possible thanks to two holes on the lid which are aligned after rotating the two parts of the lid.

The seal is guarantee by two silicon spheres for the occlusion of the holes and by the conformity with the standard UNI EN 14254:2004.

The device is provided by a mechanism which prevents the reflux of formalin into the previous container in order to avoid ipofixation problems and the loss of the biopsies.


How to use Klessidra

  1. Put the specimen into the empty container (B) with or without biocassette;
  2. Screw the prefilled formalin container (A) on container (B) which contains the specimen;
  3. Rotate the two lids on “open” position (until the arrow is aligned with the “O”);
  4. Tilt the device and let the formalin flow in the lower container;
  5. Rotate the two lids again on “close” position (until the arrow is aligned with the “C”).


Klessidra series

Klessidra is available in different sizes to suit a wide range of samples and cassettes dimensions.

  • Klessidra 2.0: 10 ml of 12% formaldehyde and 20 ml of buffer phosphate (code: 05-01V15PKF)
  • Klessidra 10 ml: 10 ml of 10% buffered neutral formalin in a 35 ml container. Includes Endokit for the orientation of small biopsies (code: 05-01V15PK)


  • Klessidra 20 ml: 20 ml of 10% buffered neutral formalin in a 55 ml container (code: 05-01V30PK)
  • Klessidra 30 ml: 30 ml of 10% buffered neutral formalin in a 35 ml container. Includes Bio Cassette and biopsy pads (code: 05-01V60PK)
  • Klessidra 3.0: 90 ml of 10% buffered neutral formalin (code: 05-01V125PK)
  • Klessidra 3.0: 150 ml of 10% buffered neutral formalin (code: 05-01V250PK)


There are also complementary accessories for the safety storage and transportation:

  • Plexiglass rack for Klessidra (code: 05-900900)
  • Safety box with 21 places for Klessidra (code: 05-900700)
  • Tertiary transport container for Safety box (code: 44-6754)

Check out the video to discover how to use Klessidra


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