Automatic Coverslipper - CVR909 Plus

18-12-2020 - Bio-Optica Instruments

The automatic coverslipper CVR909 Plus, characterized by the use of the most recent technologies, is able to guarantee ease of use, reproducible results and perfect mounting without air bubbles. Bio-Optica automatic coverslipper is intended to automatically prepare microscope slides.

CVR909 Plus (40-500-000) simplifies the operation of adding cover glasses/coverslips on the stained slides; it can work in both stand alone mode or in combination with the automatic stainer AUS240 Plus (40-400-350) as workstation.

Bio-Optica's aim is to offer solutions for a high-efficiency diagnostic confidence. Pathologists need to have a clear and reliable view in order to make everyday important diagnostic decisions; to do this it is necessary to work with high quality reagents, reliable stainers and coverslippers, but also great practice.



  • The coverslipper has been developed to ease the operator work; this is possible thanks to the integrated touch screen monitor with a user friendly interface. The monitor allows to set parameters, to check the status of the cycles and to manage the filtration system. It is also possible to verify the status of the covered slides from the display through 3 different colors status indicator. The desk alarm informs the user about the working status of the coverslipper.
  • It is possible to interface the instrument to the LIS in order to ensure the traceability system of the samples.
  • The instrument is able to load continuously baskets with 30 slides capacity each; the CVR909 Plus mounting speed is 18-19 sec/slide, that makes the coverslipper an high performance instrument. In addition, it is possible to load coverglasses of different dimensions (24x40mm - 09-2040 / 24x50mm - 09-2050 / 24x60mm - 09-2060). The substitution of the holders is very easy and fast, even during the covering process.
  • The coverslipper can work in “WET” or “DRY” mode. As for the stainer, the coverslipper has an integrated aspiration system with active charcoal and it is possible to connect it to an external ventilation system in order to make the laboratory a safe environment for the users.


  • The dispensation system has been projected to reduce the possible creation of air bubbles on the slides. It is possible to regulate the dispensing offset (position, quantity and speed) without needle subsitution, because the instrument is set to automatically clean the needle through a solvent wash after every slide mounted.
    Here below the mounting steps:
    1) The coverglass is taken by a suction cup electronic system while the dispensing needle moves from its stand-by position in the solvent.
    2) The glass slide is brought to the mounting site by a mechanical arm and the medium is dispensed on the section.
    3) The coverglass is mounted through a particular movement of the suction cup system wich avoid bubble air formation.
    4) The mounted slide is put on a dedicated tray and the dispensing needle comes back to stand-by position into cleaning solvent.


  • The mounting medium bottle (Biomount HM - 05-BMHM508), is placed in a front drawer in order to be accessible in a easy way; also, the rapid connection makes the subsitiution operations easy and fast for the user.


  • The CVR909 Plus offers a unique and exclusive exit system of mounted slides that are put in order on trays in horizontal position. This specific feature helps the operator to save time from the moment it will be possible to bring the trays directly to the pathologist for the evaluation at the microscope. When the tray is complete, it is automatically pushed forward in order to advise the completation of the tray and an easy catch for the user. At the same time, the empty slide baskets will be collected in a drawer with a frontal exit.



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