Automatic Stainer - AUS240 Plus

19-02-2021 - Bio-Optica Instruments

The automatic stainer AUS240 Plus, characterized by the use of the most recent technologies, is able to guarantee ease of use, brilliant staining and reproducible results. Bio-Optica automatic stainer is intended for histological, cytological and histochemical staining on slides, the perfect solution for anatomical pathology laboratories.

AUS240 Plus (40-400-350) offers high quality routine and special staining for laboratories that have a medium to high work volume. The possibility to process several staining protocols at the same time makes the automatic stainer efficient and reliable, also thanks to the possibility of continuous loading and unloading while the instrument is working.

It can work in both stand alone mode or in combination with the automatic coverslipper CVR909 Plus (40-500-000) as workstation.

Bio-Optica's aim is to offer staining solutions for a high-efficiency diagnostic confidence. Pathologists need to have a clear and reliable view in order to make everyday important diagnostic decisions; to do this it is necessary to work with high quality reagents, reliable stainers and also great practice.


  • The instrument guarantees the continuous loading of 30 slides baskets; the daily productivity depends on the staining protocols. Using the same protocol, it is possible to stain up to 10 baskets at the same time. The software ensures that every protocol set by to operator will be completed using the faster way.
  • The stainer contains 40 dishes (485ml each), of different types:
    - Reagents: 28 stations, with high resistence to corrosion, placed on racks with 7 positions, easy to be removed for substitution and cleaning.
    - Washing: 5 stations with regulation of pression and waterflow in and out.
    - Drying: 2 ovens that can produce forced ventilation with 60°C air.
    - Loading: 2 stations, with possibility of loading new baskets when the instrument is closed.
    - Downloading: 3 stations, with the possibility of removing the stained baskets when the instrument is closed.
  • The agitation of the reagent dishes is very innovative because it is completely independent from the automatic arm. This particular agitation system (called “WAVING”) allows to obtain omogeneity of the staining solution inside the dish, improving the quality of section staining and, last but not least, it reduces the amount of precipitate produced during daily routine.
  • It is possible to stain also macro-slides, thanks to the optional adaptor.


  • The automated stainer presents the “ANTI DRIPPING” system which allows to keep the instrument clean, thanks to the movement (with settable timing via software) of the basket in order to eliminate the excess of staining solution.
  • The vapour filtration system is totally integrated into the instrument and, thanks to the composition of active carchoal it is able to filter the 100% of toxic molecules, recycling clean and odourless air. In addition, the end user can decide to connect the instrument to an external ventilation system in order to eliminate all vapours.
  • Thanks to the integrated UPS system, the functionality of the computer’s CPU is guaranteed for 30 minutes, so that, in case of electrical alimentation issues, ones the instrument is switched on, it can continue the staining protocol starting from the last step wich was being executed.
  • The stainer allows to record 18 programs, with more than 100 steps each, with the possibility of setting the immersion time from 1” to 99’59”, so that it can meet every lab’s needs.
  • It is possible to set a Priority Protocol. This staining protocol will have the priority over the other protocols.


  • The instrument is provided with a color touch screen with a modern and intuitive interface. All the protocols can be set from the display in a easy way, and it is possible to check all the staining processes, the reagent scheme and all the parametres of the staining protocol.
  • Another innovative feature is the exclusive “REAGENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” wich allows to set through the software, the maximum number of baskets that can pass in a particular reagent dish before its substitution. This function, that can be used or not by the operator, is a quality warrancy since it leaves to the user the chance to decide for how long to use a reagent (staining solution, water, solvent etc.). Everything is made simple by the display that shows When the reagent in a tank is exaust; when it happens it will appear in red. Once the tank will be filled with new reagent, it will appear on the display in blue.
  • In addition it is possible to create reports with all staining protocol parametres, print them or record them on magnetic support. It is also possible to create a BACK UP on external memory, through USB port easily accessible.
  • The operator can set a password (at 1 level) to guarantee the privacy of the working protocols.



Check out the full range of consumable products such as staining solutions in addition to reagents and solvents that makes the automatic stainer AUS240 Plus the best solution for better color quality.

Choose from a range of staining solutions, mounting media, special stain kits and slides.

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