Automatic Stainer - AUS240 Plus

23-10-2020 - Updated Products

Bio-Optica is glad to introduce the updated version of the automatic stainer: AUS240 Plus (code 40-400-350).

These are the main upgrades developed by our R&D team:

• The instrument has a new user friendly and intuitive interface;
• The user can now stain without sending the basket to the coverslipper;
• Possibility to stain macro slides;
• RMS System: The user can change reagents while the stainer is working;
• It is now possible to set a Priority Protocol. This protocol will have the priority over the other protocols;
• Continuous Status Monitoring: The user can check the status of reagents and protocols in every moment from the display. It is possible to set the number of baskets that every tank can receive before the reagent needs to be changed. When the reagent in a tank is exaust, the user will be informed by the display, where the tank will appear in red. Once the tank will be filled with new reagent, it will appear on the display in blue;
• Dripping function to reduce the reagents cross contamination and to keep the instrument clean;
• Faster movement from AUS240 to CVR909.

For more information about the Automatic Stainer AUS240 Plus contact us at:
+39 02 21 27 131