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16-10-2020 - Bio-Optica Products

Bio-Optica’s staining kits have many qualities, including:

  • Ready and easy to use
  • Reproducible results
  • Predictable cost
  • User safety
  • Limited environmental impact

For this reason our staining kits have earned ever wider acclaim in Italy and throughout the World
Nevertheless, Bio-Optica is committed to continuous improvement of its products and their protocols for use, thanks in part to feedback from our customers, which help us uphold the highest standards of quality for our products.

Minimum number of tests that can be performed

The number of tests is calculated by assuming reagent consumption of 10 drops per test, which is more than sufficient to cover even medium-large sections. If you wish to use a smaller number of drops when working with small samples, you must reduce the quantity of each reagent in the same proportion in order to avoid imbalances.

Completion time

The completion time is calculated according to the duration of the individual steps of which the method consists. It does not include the time taken for de-waxing, hydrating and dehydrating the section.

Essential basic equipment

To complete the kit, you will need the following essential basic equipment:


  • Spray bottle containing distilled water to perform the steps required by the protocol
  • Two series of solvents: descending for de-waxing the sections and bringing them to the water and ascending to dehydrate and diaphanize the section before mounting with coverglass.

We recommend the use of BioMount HM (codes 05-BMHM100 or 05-BMHM508) as the mounting medium.


Additional equipment

The individual instructions indicate which equipment not included in the kit, but usually available in the laboratory, is necessary to complete the kit.

Fixatives and embedding media

The protocol times were determined on histological sections of fragments fixed in formalin buffered to pH 7 with phosphate buffer and subsequently embedded in paraffin.

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