Automatic Coverslipper - CVR909 Plus

17-09-2020 - Updated Products

Bio-Optica is glad to introduce the updated version of the automatic coverslipper:

CVR909 Plus (code 40-500-000)

These are the main upgrades developed by our R&D team:

• The instrument has a new user friendly and intuitive interface;

• The coverslipper is now faster than ever; the mounting speed, thanks to the new software is now 18-19 sec/slide (before it was around 30 sec/slide);

• Our R&D department has developed a new dispensation system that has reduced the possible creation of air bubbles on the slides;

• The barcode reader system has been completely renewed. From now, it is possible to check immediately the status of the covered slides, directly from the instrument display, through 3 different colours status indicators:
- Red: the slide wasn’t covered correctly;
- Grey: the slide was covered correctly but the barcode reader can’t read the barcode on the slide;
- Light Blue: the slide was covered correctly and the barcode reader reads a barcode on the slide;

• It is now possible to re-fill the holder with new coverslips also during the covering process;

• Desk alarm: the new software has been developed to be user friendly. When an alarm banner appears on the display, the user will be able to learn what action is required by clicking on the information icon.

For more information please contact us at:
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