Bio-Optica Instruments Division

11-09-2020 - Announcements

We are proud to announce the completion of the renovation of our Instruments Division based in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan). Despite the crisis, Bio-Optica S.p.A. has managed to enhance the Instruments Division by building new offices and providing a bigger area for the instruments production.

Bio-Optica Instruments Division is a 1.500 sqm. area that includes:

- Production area
- Assembly area
- R&D office and laboratory for test
- Logistics office
- After Sales office
- Technical Assistance (SAT) laboratory

collage production area

The increasing trust from our Partners and Customers, as well as our commitment to improve the quality of our work, have played an important role in deciding to gather the R&D, the production and the After Sales Services in one area.

Our efforts will result in several positive outcomes:

- Increasing the production process effectiveness
- Improving the quality of the work
- Maximising the production capacity

We are still improving our facilities in order to always offer the best quality to the anatomical pathology world, and to give to our Partners and Customers the best services.