Microtome Bench

16-06-2020 - Bio-Optica Products

Defend yourself and the others!
Keep the distance between you and your Histo technician colleagues. It can help limit the spread of CoronaVirus (Covid-19).

Most laboratories function with space as a precious commodity. Physical bench space to conduct diagnostic activity is co-shared by many users in the same lab and crowded between common use equipment. With users classically working elbow to elbow, the challenge of adapting the traditional lab to work during a pandemic is significant. At the broadest level, strategies for moving forward with technicians coming back to work in the lab setting are still unclear.
The proposed guidelines for adapting laboratory space to meet social distancing guidelines promise to create a whole new set of challenges and obstacles in addition to telework.

Bio-Optica S.p.A is glad to provide you the best solution for the cutting phase. Check out our unique Microtome Bench, a complete work station, where a single user can sit keeping the distance without working elbow to elbow with other colleagues.
The microtome bench comes with all the necessary instruments for microtome cutting: cooling plate where can be put up to 170 blocks, water bath complete of removable Pirex basin and hot plate.

The ergonomic layout maximizes ease of access for the operator and the glass walls on both sides allow the right distance between the users. Moreover, the possibility to add a dedicated slide printer reduce the movement of the operators inside the LAB.