For over 40 years, We are synonymous of Histology

Innovation, experience and the pursuit of perfection are the key of our success.

On the market since 1977, we are a strong reality to be contacted in order to get the maximum due to our nearly complete and unique product portfolio.

Moreover, We are an Italian reality, which have believed and invested in its country, having as a reference point the obsessive research of the Made in Italy quality through which guarantee the care of the most precious asset: health!

We work behind the scenes to make sure that doctors and technicians can work better,

faster and without troubles, ensuring people to get correct and fast diagnosis, without any possibility of mistake.

How can we do it?
By choosing more ambitious targets for R & D, ensuring faster productions and faster shipments, expanding our range of products according to the needs of the market, to the latest medical discoveries and new guidelines.

We want to be a reality that helps everyone to have a long, healthy and beautiful life!